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Engagement Photos!

Brides ask me all the time, "When should we do our engagement photos?" and "How do I not feel awkward?" and these are both great questions!

I feel like so many brides-to-be are so bogged down by rules and traditions and sometimes get lost in those rather than enjoying their engagement and wedding planning process.  The truth is, you can have your engagement photos done whenever you like, or forego them altogether! I know brides who have had them done a month before their wedding, or if you're someone like me, you have them done three weeks after he proposes!  

The big things that I think you need to consider when you're considering your timing are the time of year when you want the photos done and any deadlines for which you need them done (like if you want to use them for your Save The Dates). For us, we knew that we wanted a fall backdrop: warm colours, falling leaves and hopefully light sweaters without freezing to death.  We got engaged September 25 and were getting married September 22 of the following year, so we knew that if we wanted fall photos we had to act fast. Less than three weeks later, we had our outfits picked out and were in front of a professional's camera for the first time, wondering like many couples do, "How do we not look as awkward as we feel?"

To answer this question, the best thing I can tell you to do is just to let go and get lost in each other.  As sappy as it sounds, my husband and I both had tears in our eyes during our engagement shoot.  Lots and lots of looking in each other's eyes, kisses, hand holding and hugging - how could we not? It was a day I will never forget and believe me, it was a day we were both dreading.  Both of us had a lot of anxiety about having such intimate moments in front of a stranger and her camera but the right photographer will know exactly how to make you feel at ease.  

Another thing to keep in mind is that your engagement session is really just your practice photoshoot for your wedding.  It's for you to get to know your photographer, and to get comfortable being in front of the camera.  Your photographer will have you do many similar poses to those you'll do on your wedding day, so the engagement session can also help you learn which poses you like, which you don't and which you'd like to alter! Many photographers include engagement sessions in their wedding packages, so why not?! This shoot is with someone you're going to spend your whole life with... Cherish every moment of it!

A shot from our engagement photos, October 2015 at Victoria Park by  Rachel Peters Photography

A shot from our engagement photos, October 2015 at Victoria Park by Rachel Peters Photography

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