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Wedding Management

Wedding Management

 Photo by  Spark & Whimsy
 Photo by  Spark & Whimsy
 Photo by  Spark & Whimsy

You've worked hard planning your wedding, and now we are here to ensure every last detail is executed perfectly.  With KLF Weddings as your Wedding Coordinator, you can rest easy knowing we've got you covered.  Enjoy your wedding day, and let us take care of the rest.  Our Wedding Management package includes unlimited calls, texts and e-mails for all couples.

Leading Up...

KLF Weddings will meet with you 4-6 weeks before your wedding to discuss your vision and expectations.  At this meeting, we will go over every last detail to ensure your wedding day is everything you've imagined. If desired, we will visit your ceremony and venue sites with you.  We will confirm all of your vendors and organize their arrivals for the day-of, and reinforce their duties, expectations and arrival and departure times.  If desired, we will confirm which of KLF Weddings' decor pieces you will use, and discuss any personalized signs or chalkboards you would like. 

Two weeks prior to your wedding we will meet again, to ensure I have the proper contact information for your entire wedding party, key contacts and anyone else who plays an important role in your day.  I will go over the day-of timeline with you and make any changes as desired. 


Did you know that many marriage commissioners may not guarantee their availability for your rehearsal? Rest assured, KLF will be present at your rehearsal to choreograph the processional, ceremony and recessional and work alongside your commissioner if he or she is present. If desired, KLF will also aid in the planning and execution of your rehearsal dinner.  Before we part ways, I will give each key person a copy of the wedding day itinerary and ensure each person knows where he or she should be throughout the day.

The Big Day

On your wedding day, your job is to relax, soak up the love, and get married. Our job is...

Getting Ready

  • Facilitate arrival and set up of hair stylists and make-up artists
  • Organize the bridal party and ensure each member is ready when her turn comes
  • Coordinate deliveries, or fetch food or snacks as required
  • Ensure bride and bridal party have their shoes, accessories, and dresses
  • Coordinate flower bouquet and boutonniere delivery
  • Coordinate photographer arrival, set up and go over must-shoot photo list
  • Confirm transportation arrival time
  • Assist Bride with her gown
  • Communicate with contact at Groom's location to ensure on-time departure
  • Assist with pinning boutonnieres
  • Communicate with transportation while wedding party is en route
  • Maintain KLF Weddings' Emergency Kit which includes hundreds of items that may be needed in case of emergency, to touch up hair or make up, etc.
  • Safely transport any items on behalf of wedding party between locations
  • Act as main contact for all vendors in case of last-minute questions or change of plans; update timeline as needed


  • Prior to guest arrival, KLF has already been to the ceremony venue to ensure all pew markers, flowers, candles and decor are in place
  • Coordinate arrival and set up of musicians and marriage commissioner
  • Set up programs, guest book, bubbles, etc.
  • Instruct ushers on their duties and guide them to their posts
  • Ensure bride and groom arrival and act as communication between parties
  • Line up both sets of parties for their entrances
  • Cue music and bridal party entrance
  • Handle late guests to ensure ceremony is not interrupted
  • Gather friends and family after ceremony for photos, if desired
  • Gather paperwork and items (guest book, marriage license, etc.) for safekeeping
  • Transport necessary decor and items to Reception venue


  • Ensure wedding party, family and photographer have water and drinks as needed
  • Call out names and arrange members for photos
  • Ensure all photos on "must-shoot" list are acquired
  • Coordinate transportation between locations and maintain contact


  • Prior to guest arrival, KLF will ensure the Reception venue is presentable, all decor, table numbers, seating chart, guest book, card box, candles, etc are all set up as discussed
  • Check washrooms to ensure they are clean and stocked
  • Discuss and confirm food timeline with catering staff
  • Ensure flowers have arrived as ordered and are in place
  • Ensure vendors have arrived and direct them to a safe-keeping area for their belongings, as well as instruct them as to where they are to sit for their meals
  • Handle any last minute details that may come up


  • Ensure MC knows proper order of names for entrance
  • Help guests find their seats
  • Ensure guests are seated in a timely manner
  • Cue MC and wedding party for entrances
  • Ensure band, photographer and videographer are aware of when key events will take place, with notice before they begin (first dance, cake cutting, etc.)
  • Prevent any issues that may arise during the event
  • Periodically ensure washrooms are still clean and stocked
  • Handle any issues or complaints about food
  • Disperse vendor gratuities, if desired
  • Ensure safe keeping and delivery of gifts and cards
  • Ensure favour table or candy bar is regularly stocked
  • Coordinate transportation from reception
  • Ensure band/DJ has proper song list for special dances

This list is just an example of the many things we can take off your plate on your wedding day.  Contact us today for your free initial meeting!