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Less Stress in the Dress: Part 2

Welcome back! Today is part two of our tips on how to be stress-free on your wedding day! If you haven't already read the first instalment, be sure to check it out here.

Make lists!

Whether you're the most organized person in the world or a hot mess, something always gets forgotten.  In the last months leading up to your wedding, put everything in a list! There are SO many small moving parts that you can't rely on memory (yours or anyone else's) for anything.  And believe me, you are going to have so much excitement surrounding you that most things are going to slip your mind. Every day you'll think of last minute things and tell yourself, "Oh I'll remember that, I'll do it tomorrow!" The week leading up to your wedding is a busy one, so don't take on more than you can chew at once.  Some important lists: vendors who require final payments and when, your packing list for the night of the wedding, items to have in an emergency kit that will be close by on the day-of, photographer shot list (although make sure they have it a week before the wedding!), must-buy list (gifts, decor, accessories).

Don't Crowd the Day!

Keep it simple.  Hair and make up take time, so don't plan to go out for brunch, your spray tan, mani/pedi and a massage on your wedding day.  Or any of those! When it comes down to it, even if you have the time, you're going to have very little desire to do much on your wedding day other than get married.  If you can't get into your venue until the day of, find someone else to decorate! It just isn't feasible to do it yourself, and it's not how you want to start your day off.  Arrange for a small breakfast with your bridal party, your hair and make up appointments, and then time to relax and get into your dress before it's time for your first look or your ceremony. Don't put off errands until the day-of, they either won't get done or you'll end up scrambling to find someone else to do them for you.  That's where those lists come in handy! Get everything done ahead of time that you possibly can! The less you have to worry about, the easier the day will run for you. 

Spend Time Together!

Seems like a no brainer, right? Not so much.  Unless you actually set time aside for you and your new husband or wife, chances are you won't have any alone time at all on the day of your wedding.  I always make sure to give my couples some time to themselves to revel in the moment, regroup and make a point to remember how they are feeling. Of course you want to spend time with the family and friends who have taken time out of their lives to celebrate with you, but 10 minutes of downtime for just the two of you will make a world of difference to your stress levels. 

Thanks for reading! I hope you take some of these to heart and they help you have the most stress-free wedding day possible! 

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