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Vendor Showcase: Across the Island Weddings

In honour of becoming a marriage commissioner myself this week, our newest vendor showcase is Brenda Bulger of Across the Island Weddings!

Tell us a little about yourself:

I have been a licensed Marriage Commissioner since 2006 and over the years have had the privilege and pleasure of performing a number of weddings and meeting many people from around the world.

I have lived on beautiful PEI for over 40 years. During that time I have worked for the province in a number of positions ending my career in the human resource field. In my various positions I have travelled from one end of the island to the other. Consequently I have become very familiar with the island landscape - its beaches, provincial parks, historic sites, lighthouses, and beautiful scenery.

If I am not performing weddings, you can find me walking Confederation Trail, exploring PEI’s many beaches, “reading” cookbooks, watching true crime TV shows, and going geocaching.

I have been married to my husband, Frank, for a number of years. We have two daughters and two grandsons. Frank and I live in Charlottetown with our dog "Maggie."

What inspired you to become a licensed marriage commissioner?

 In 2006 I knew I would be retiring soon and wanted something to do in my retirement that would get me out and about and would allow me to meet people. The Marriage Act of PEI was being changed at that time and the role of Marriage Commissioner was being created. I thought the Marriage Commissioner role would be the ideal way to meet my retirement needs.

What is your favourite type of ceremony to perform? 

I have no favourite type of ceremony. I have performed very large wedding ceremonies with 18 of a wedding party and 250 guests and very small ceremonies with just the couple and I have provided the witnesses. Each type of celebration is unique. I do quite a few elopements.

How long have you been performing wedding ceremonies?

My first marriage ceremony was in March 2007.

How many marriages do you typically officiate in a year?

This has varied greatly over the years. I have had a few as 17 and as many as 111. For the last three years I have performed an average of 70 per year.

What is your favourite part of being a part of a couple's special day?

I really enjoy seeing the smiles on couples faces and the excitement they have. It is a happy celebration and I want to provide couples with a ceremony they will be happy with. 

Do you have another job aside from officiating weddings?

No – I retired from the PEI Government in 2009 but continued to work casually until 2011.

What would be your dream location to perform a wedding? 

My dream location – a secluded quiet beach at sunset.

Can you create a personalized ceremony for our wedding?

Most of the ceremonies I draft are personalized ceremonies. I encourage couples to have input into the planning of their ceremony. I do this by asking them a series of questions and their responses determine what the ceremony looks like. I try to meet with a couple once their ceremony is drafted to review it and make any additional changes. It is the couples’ celebration and the ceremony should reflect their wishes and personalities. 

What is the best way to get in touch with you?

I prefer to be contacted by e-mail at bpbulger@hotmail.com or you can also reach me by phone (cell) – 902-394-4339. There is also my website www.acrosstheislandweddings.ca

Provided by Brenda Bulger

Provided by Brenda Bulger

Provided by Brenda Bulger

Provided by Brenda Bulger

Thanks so much for your time Brenda! Having worked with Brenda many times, I can attest she is a wonderful person to work with.  Brenda was one of the first vendors I met in the wedding industry and she was so welcoming and helpful in the early days of KLF! She actually teaches the marriage commissioner course and led the class this past Monday :)

Until next time,

xox KLF

Kristina Fisher